Nice to meet you

Hey there. 

I’m so glad you have stopped by Jessica Abby Photography!  I’ve always had this fascination for human connection, it’s what led me to study the art of capturing the moments that make life extraordinary.  I have been so fortunate to photograph over 250 weddings throughout Australia and worldwide, I have developed a serious flair for showcasing each individual love story through romantic and natural imagery. It’s such a gift to love what I do! 

When I’m not behind the camera I enjoy hiking, browsing markets on weekends, traveling, appreciating the performance arts, gardening and mothering my baby fur girl Tilly.

Our first meeting.

I know that choosing a wedding photographer can be one of the most important decisions you make for your event. For this reason I offer a free consultation - under no obligation - by phone call or at my Melbourne City office. If it is easier for you, we can discuss your wedding over a phone call, then as your wedding date draws closer, I’m happy to visit with you in my office. We can speak in detail about your big day and everything I can do to make it that much better.

What to expect.

When you book your wedding day with me, you’ll receive a welcome package filled with my most-trusted supplier recommendations, top ten tips on bridal advice, style guides and stories of lessons learnt straight from my own brides’ experience. When your special day arrives, I’ll be there right beside you ready to share in your joy with a calm and approachable demeanor making sure that I create a safe space for you to feel comfortable to be your best self.

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