Bound to my Home - Covid

How could have we even imagined this happening, Covid….. You ask how am I spending my time, my now 6 months of no stunning weddings, no adventurous engagement shoots. I have always wanted more weekends to spend doing what normal people do on weekends, but not in this environment! Not to be fussy but I would like to go back to my weddings now. 

I have been spending time on my new venture, mentoring and online workshops. This is one way I can give back to the photography community, after my two successful workshops that were published I want to branch out and educate individual photographers within the business side of their passion. I have made many (MANY) mistakes in my career and if only I had invested earlier into my business there was no need to make all those mistakes. I’m here to show inspiring photographers how important the business side is, how investing and up skilling their business mind will provide them the successful outcome they dream of. 

What else you say (or my mother says) for six months! Well, I am obsessed with gardening, I now have grown and growing - baby spinach, coriander, parsely, bok choi, broccoli, kale, tomatoes, chives, spring onions, lemons, dill, capsicums….. yep! I find gardening a grounding hobby to have and I enjoy being outside covered in dirt. 

Fast forward to the next month I will be working towards composting, worm farming, mentoring, my website and supporting my couples that have had to change their weddings dates. Cheerio for now and if you would like to get in contact about anything really - gardening, mentoring, weddings, general chin wag please don’t hesitate as human communication is an excellent way to beat this lockdown! Look forward to hearing from you x  

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