Waiting for my 35mm film to be developed from
my Cambodia trip was time consuming. It’s a massive reminder that in this age
of instant gratification, waiting for results for longer than a nano-second can
seem unreasonable. I find working with film requires discipline and the fulfillment
I receive from seeing my images for the first time is nothing that digital
photography can provide. I started my photography journey shooting weddings in 35mm film at the age of 14. Thinking back, that was a tough gig but I knew no different. Now I try to shoot some of my personal projects in 35mm film. It teaches me to slow down, think about the composition and lighting as you are more determined to get the shot right the first time in film. With film there is an element of amazement and wonder. The mistakes in your 35mm photographs very often are presented in a positive sense, they surprise you. Note to oneself – Shoot more often in 35mm.  

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