Cambodia II

In the last six months the universe has had my
back, it’s definitely been a difficult six months in my personal life. Business
provided a great distraction and delving into my creativity helped me along the
journey of personal growth. After coming out on top I began searching to give
back to the universe. This is where my inspiration derived from to volunteer at
an orphanage in Cambodia. Slightly obsessed with the country, I wanted to offer
my skill set to give the children something they’re unable to obtain
themselves. I travelled over to Cambodia, Siem Reap to an Orphanage and photographed
all the children and presented them with their own professional portraits. It
was heartwarming seeing the kids receive the images and racing to their
bedrooms to place the images near their beds.  I spend days with the kids participating in
games of soccer, hide and seek and chasey, which was just as special. Thank you
to The Childrens Sanctuary for opening your doors to me and allowing me to
visit, I’m very grateful. Take a look at the images of the children working on their art projects I set for them. I have chosen to keep the individual portraits private as I wanted to give them a personal gift from myself to them, something special. 

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