Love Letters

The Lost art of writing your Partner a Love Letter 

 The romantic old-fashioned loveletters were a beautiful way of pouring your heart out for your partner. Communication is the key to long-lasting relationships, so the question is how the couples managed before email and Skype. And the answer is through love letters and patience. Both of which have become extinct in today’s world but if we revive the lost art of love letters, it could prove to be extremely fruitful for creating the old-fashioned spark in our relationships. 

 Love Letters were the Perfect Expression of Love. Love letters have been used by everybody from the most powerful man in Europe, Napoleon, to the romantic poet John Keats. Napoleon, though not a gifted writer did express his heartfelt feeling for his beloved wife writing, ‘I am nothing without you’ or ‘I should leave everything in order to fling myself at your feet.’ On the other hand, John Keats being the romantic he was, wrote to his dear Fanny: “My love has made me selfish. I cannot exist without you — I am forgetful of everything but seeing you again. My life seems to stop there; I see no further. I have a sensation at the present moment as though I was dissolving.”

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