Melbourne Wedding Florist Interview - Foxy Everygreen

  • Tell us about your Business Foxy Evergreen (florist) began in 2015, We specialise in intimate & Large scale weddings and events, but we love creating florals for anything really.WE really enjoy pushing the boundaries of floral design, doing photoshoots and competition work to keep things fresh and interesting.
  • Favourite part about being a florist I love exceeding expectations, I enjoy making people happy with flowers, but not only that, It doesn’t feel like work for me either so thats a plus isn’t it! Love what you do… Also our team get to be really creative so thats pretty great.
  • Favourite flower and favourite flower combination My favourite flower is by far the Cymbidium orchid. Any colour really but mostly the deep shades. I just cant stop staring that them! How can nature make something so perfect and detailed. My favourite flower combo is anything with texture. Berries, ferns, soft and sharp. Anything contrasting works well for me.
  • Biggest lesson you have learnt Don’t sell yourself short. If you are worth that much, sell your services for that much. Our industry is quite competitive, theres some amazing florists out there, but we work so hard to perfect our skills and train as apprentices, why should we reduce our pricing?
  • Best tip for couples? Your wedding should be personal, a reflection on you and your partner. Your flowers are another way of expressing who you are as a couple. Don’t feel like you have to follow what everyone else is doing on Instagram, make your day stand out, make your own trends.

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