Passion versus Business


Let's talk about that and what it means.

More than likely your business idea was ignited by a passion that lives deep inside your heart and soul. It drives you, inspires you and is a part of you.

And that is great! You need a strong passion to run a successful business. But passion is only part of the process.

You need to work hard on running your business and that includes invoices, tax, budgeting, marketing, sales, booking keeping etc. 

The hours are long.

You need to invest your time into continuing education, skill building and be able to stay on top of customer requests and complaints (yes, even the best businesses get unhappy customers at times). 

But in reality, although you do indeed shoot gorgeous engagements and beautiful weddings, you are spending most of your time doing the hard work of the inner runnings of the business. (not so glamorous)

You have to be realistic by putting your business work ahead of your passion. Otherwise you just have an expensive hobby. This is a costly lesson I learnt the hard way in the first three years of my business. 

Talk to any business owner in any industry and they will tell many stories of the hard times. Sometimes you will feel like giving up because it takes much time, dedication and a splash of good luck to have a thriving business that is growing bigger and better every year. It's not for the faint hearted or for the day dreaming creative who thinks bucketloads of passion will lead to instant success including financial freedom and total job satisfaction. 

You might think this sounds harsh but wouldn't you like to know the truth about owning your own business at the beginning rather than later.

It's not passion versus business. It's a combination with an emphasis on being business savvy and continuing to up-skill, having the ability to learn and study . Plus you need strong determination, mad skills and a ton of common sense. 

You got this! 

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