Styled Bridal Workshop - Perfecting Perfection 

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Intimate and Exclusive

Intimate and Exclusive Bridal Editorial Photographic Workshop

Create stunning bridal fashion images that help you build your brand, and showcase your expertise to work towards building a strong styled folio.

Shoot LIVE editorial bridal photos with leading photographer Jessica Abby and discover how you can work towards creating a personal style.


When your work is published by a blog, website or magazine, either on line or off, your services instantly become more valuable. It showcases more of the style that brides really want, a high end fashion experience.

Bridal editorial photographs allow you to be seen as an expert in your industry, helping you to get and keep more followers, attract the brides that are your true dream clients, establish you as on trend and more exclusive.

But it is not as easy as just being a talented photographer. You need to understand the process of the preparation to create outstanding images. And that is why Styled Bridal - Photography Workshop was created.


In this intimate, intensive, hands-on photography workshop you will discover:

  • The best ways to create a shoot and contact other wedding creatives to partner with
  • How to create a running sheet that ensures that everything runs smoothly and nothing is overlooked for the day
  • What you need to consider when shooting to be featured and shooting for yourself PLUS, how to get the absolute best out of all your images so you are able to ensure you the best possible outcomes
  • How to create a mood board with individuality to give you the best chance to create a killer shoot
  • Creative ways you can leverage your images across all online platforms and your marketing 

PLUS a Live shoot

PLUS a Live Shoot, featuring some of the best in service and products available in Melbourne

You will be shooting LIVE,  featuring:

  • High-end exclusive bridal gowns
  • An expert professional model, to ensure you get a range quickly and effectively
  • Stunning floral pieces from one of Melbourne’s leading and exclusive florists
  • Direct live feedback whilst you are shooting on set, to help you get the best very shots and get immediate feedback to help you develop your skills and confidence
  • Creative feedback on your images PLUS how to choose the best type to submit for editorials and keep for your own content
  • You will leave this workshop with a range of images that are professional styled, using the very best bridal products and services in Melbourne.
  • Plus, you will have a plan to follow so that you are confident in submitting your images, with the best possible opportunity to have them featured.


 WILLOW & WOLF PHOTOGRAPHY - Rusila from Willow and Wolf Photography

`Perfecting Perfection’ Intimate and Exclusive Bridal Editorial Photographic Workshop was the best money and time well spent for me. Jessica had picked out an amazing natural lit studio for the workshop along with 3 high-end exclusive bridal gowns, Gorgeous jewellery pieces, amazing floral pieces professional model, a Hair and Make Up Artist,

She was happy to share her knowledge in the bridal fashion industry including her strengths and weaknesses. I could relate to it so much because as an emerging wedding photographer, it is very crucial to me and my business that I understand the process and preparation in creating outstanding images (especially of the Bride).

The whole workshop was so hands-on, Jessica explained the why’s of what she suggested. 

I love that Jessica showed us how to direct and talk to models while shooting. What I love most from the day, was that she let us shoot the whole day while she only just gave us creative directions/assisted with reflectors! She then sat us down and ensured she went through the photos so that she could give us feedback ON THE SPOT!! How cool is that?!

Jessica, thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to let me learn and broaden my skills with your help and guidance. I feel like I walked away with great images and even a better knowledge of Bridal Fashion Photography.

KAYLA MAREE PHOTOGRAPHY - Kayla from Kayla Maree Photography

Jessica Abby’s workshop opened my eyes to the world of editorial and styled shoots and gave me the actual tools and tips I can put into practice at client weddings as well as my own personal projects. Jess shared her knowledge and experiences with us openly and honestly which is so refreshing when attending a workshop, nothing was off limits. I left feeling inspired and excited about my work again!

Getting to shoot a gorgeous model in some of the industry’s best designer gowns and bridal accessories was incredible and showing us how to perfect our images by making small changes in the pose or location was exactly what I was hoping to get out of it. If you’re looking to refine and grow your skills, then I can’t recommend her workshop enough! You won’t regret it!

 LX CREATIONS PHOTOGRAPHY - Ben from LX Creations Photography 

I found this workshop to be enjoyable and a very informative workshop. I learnt how to create outstanding images with the assistance of Jess’s direction. Not only that, having the opportunity to shoot live under Jess’s direction has given me tools to utilize at my own weddings. I would highly recommend Jess to anyone that is interested in creating their personal style and in growing their portfolio.

BECAUSE EILEEN - Alexis from Because Eileen

Jessica Abby’s workshop enriched my knowledge in many different areas; including, photography, editorial, social media, business knowledge and recognising mypassion for creating. Jess’ laid back approach to teaching enabled me to feel comfortable and not judged. I use old analogue film cameras and am formally untrained, but none of that bothered Jess. The workshop was information rich, and I took away much more than I had expected. The location, dresses, jewellery, model and hair and MUA were all professional and high-end within the industry, which was really impressive. I adore the images I shot on the day and am so pleased I attended. Highly recommend the workshop to photographers at all different stages of their careers.


  • Date // We are going ONLINE - (coming soon)
  • Time // Release date early next year
  • What to bring // Your attention
  • Supplied // An educational video
  • Please email me if you have any questions 


  • Why can’t I do this on my own and just submit the images myself? Well you could but if you don’t know how to establish what a blog or magazine is looking for, your images may never see the light of day. Plus, I will be opening up my little black book to get the best in the business in one place at the one time, including models and make up artist that will reveal you their tips and tricks for you too. In this workshop, you will get everything included. An opportunity to work with exclusive wedding gowns, high end fashion make-up artists and professional models.
  • What camera and equipment do I need? I have always thought that it is not about the camera but how you use it. Basic camera knowledge is required but you don’t need anything fancy, you will also need to bring a laptop that you use to edit your images.
  • Won’t we all have the same images? I will have several dresses available on the day so that you will not have the same as everyone. We all have different styles in what we are looking for and I will help you to showcase that too.
  • Will I get one on one feedback? I keep my workshops small so that I am able to provide you with feedback to you immediately as we go through the process so that you can get the best results and the best experience.
  • How do I book my place? I’m excited to have you. Simply click on the booking button above and follow the prompts.
  • Do I own the rights to the photographs I take? You can use them within the business with the exception of you using them as an advertisement.
  • What if something unexpected comes up and I can no longer attend? You can transfer your ticket into some else's name. 
  • Don't see your question here? Please email me

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