Great Tips on Selecting Your Melbourne Wedding Photographer

Great Tips on Selecting Your Melbourne Wedding Photographer 

A lot of things come into play when planning any event, most especially a wedding. It’s a mix of scheduling, planning, emails, calls, meetings, and many other activities. Right at the beginning of the planning along with your venue, your wedding photographer will need to be researched and secured. 

It could be a slight hassle choosing the right wedding photographer. You have browsed multiple websites, scrolled for hours on the gram and read many glowing reviews. You probably have many options now and may be confused as to how to make your selections. 

As confusing as it is scrolling through hundreds of websites, insta amounts and checking out strangers wedding galleries on the web. No need to worry, the following tips are excellent guides on helping you select the best Melbourne wedding photographer for your big day: 

  • Determine your style and theme
  • What style do you want your wedding to exude? Relaxed? Romantic and subtle? Quirky and different? Casual and relaxed?  Or formal and regal? 

    While some photographers carve out niches, others can be work versatile. 

    Communicating your style early on to the photographer of your choice will help the preparations on both ends and help you select the photographer suitable for the style you are looking to go with.     

  • Get in touch with your Melbourne wedding photographer
  • Contact your prospective photographer to start plans early enough to avoid missing out on your securing your wedding date. Here at Jessica Abby Photography, we offer a meeting over the phone, zoom or  in person. You can choose the option you’re comfortable and with whichever best suits you. We talk through your wedding day hour by hour giving you as much education as possible on the running of your day. This give you an insight to the package that will be most well suited to you. 

  • Discuss wedding photography packages 
  • This is super important. You want to know how long you need the photography services and the packages available. The available packages will help you decide on the photographer to employ.  At Jessica Abby photography we discuss your wedding day hour by hour providing you as much education as possible on the running of your day. This give you an insight to the package that will be most well suited to you. 

  • Packages and inclusions
  • Are you looking forward to an album, prints, digital pictures? Along with the time photography coverage, take a look at what else is included in your wedding package. The best thing about our packages is that we gift complementary a boutique portrait box with art mounted prints in two of the three packages. And the largest package includes your own 30-page boutique wedding album designed by Jessica Abby. 

  • Decide on the extras
  • You may want additional extras in your package. Get a photographer who is willing to offer customisable packages that meet your expectations. 

  • Lets make it official
  • Once you are satisfied with the abilities of the photographer and have discussed the expectations, get in contact to secure your wedding by paying a deposit. For example, Jessica Abby Photography asks for a $500.00 booking fee. The remaining balance is due seven days before the special day. 

    Before you go…

    If your photographer has not previously photographed at your venue, no need to worry. Ask them to do a walk through. Jessica Abby will provide a venue walk through before the wedding date to familiarise herself with the location. 

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