How Do I Handle Stress On My Wedding Day?

I am going to share a little secret with you. There will be stress on your wedding day. I like to call it natural stress and it’s a great thing. Natural stress is what you feel during an important life moment like a job interview, meeting the parents for the first time and your wedding day. You probably had some on your first date with your partner you are about to marry.

Even if everything is totally perfect you will feel some natural stress because you are wonderfully and beautifully human. Although this stress will build and turn into excitement and joy. Stress can be closely related to your vendors. You want to book vendors that you can trust that will take care of everything on the day, you want to minimise all your worries giving you time to purely enjoy your wedding day. Amazing vendors will take care of all the ins and out of your day allowing you to focus on what is important - your life partner. 

Your mates will have some champagne or gin and I’ll be there to document your wild excitement, happiness and smiles. A little stress is normal but I’m confident that you will handle it with grace and style. Your trusted vendors will be working hard to create the most perfect wedding day you have always dreamt about. 

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