Melbourne City Wedding Venue Rupert On Rupert

Rupert on Rupert is a lovely Melbourne city wedding venue located in inner-city Collingwood. I love to recommend this venue for many reasons. Rupert on Rupert looks like a romantic sanctuary that you could find in any city in the world. It’s a magical place. As a Melbourne wedding photographer, I love how picturesque this wedding venue is. The dynamic indoor garden, polished floors and vintage feel of this venue is unique. 

Have you been looking for a unique gem of a wedding venue for the wedding of your dreams? I think Rupert on Rupert could be just the place for you. Below are some reasons why. 

Why I Like Rupert On Rupert

The inviting and timeless space of this Melbourne city wedding venue is absolutely EVERYTHING. I love that it offers the ease of having your ceremony and reception at one location. The ceremony space showers you with views from a transparent ceiling. Anticipated guests can bask in the beautiful beams of light, protected from the unpredictable Melbourne weather. 

The Colours. The colour scheme is stunning, deep blues, earthy palette. The reception space is romantic, moody and alluring. You can adapt the space and inject your own personal touch with florals. As a Melbourne wedding photographer, I love how you can amplify the atmosphere even more. 

The Creativity. This space is for the creative, for the romantic and for the couple wanting to make lasting memories. Even the suburban streets surrounding the venue are quirky and fun, super close, and within walking distance. This gives couples many opportunities for lovely outdoor Melbourne wedding photography.

The Greenery. The abundance of an indoor jungle gives you the feel of the outdoors indoors. I am a huge fan of indoor plants, and this venue is total goals for gardeners and plant enthusiasts. Even if you love plants from afar but struggle to keep one alive at home, you will love this venue for all that it has to offer! So, what do you say? Will you be hosting your memorable Melbourne wedding at Rupert on Rupert? 

Take a look at the example of the wedding captured by Jessica Abby Photography below. They were held at this gorgeous Melbourne city wedding venue.

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