Wedding Florist Interview - Anatomy of Flowers

A small description about your business? Anatomy of Flowers is a Melbourne based floral design studio inspired by nature and art. Our aesthetic is art and design based, always paying attention to colour, the balance of light and dark and the natural line of flowers. 

Where do you look for inspiration? Everywhere! Other than in nature itself Instagram is a big one for me, closely followed by Pinterest. 

How do you choose a colour pallet for clients? 99% of the time our clients come to us with a colour palette already in mind. 

What’s your favourite flower? Don’t make me choose! I really do love and appreciate all flowers, but if I did have to choose it would be either chocolate cosmos or fritillaria. 

What are your three tips for brides?  Be organised, have a vision, trust your florist 

How far in advance should I consider booking my favourite florist? Anywhere between 6 – 12 months

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