Two Wedding Dresses Or One?

Not all brides wear two dresses. Some are absolutely happy to wear one dress for the whole day. If it fits perfectly, feels comfortable and is your favorite dress of all time why not wear it every moment of the day?

Other brides may have their main dress for the ceremony and then change to a second dress before or during the reception dinner. A quick transformation always creates an admiring stir amongst the guests. It is kind of glamorous to put on a new outfit. 

Why the second dress you ask? 

Keep in mind that you will be sitting for several hours during your reception and dancing up a storm on the D floor. If your main dress will not allow the freedom of movement it may make sense to wear a second dress to be more comfortable to bust out some dance moves with the max enthusiasm possible. Plus more shopping. Who wouldn’t like that?  

One tip I can pass on I have learnt from other brides - do a sitting test when trying on your dream dress. Are you comfortable sitting? Can you breath sitting? Also you will need to bust out your signature dance move in the change room. Ask yourself - Will I need to worry about the train being stepped on? Can I move freely? These questions will determine if you may consider looking at the option of a reception dress. 

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