What Even Is A Running Sheet?

The “running” sheet is for you it’s for your peace of mind, not your feet.

A running sheet is a timeline of the day and includes times, details and responsibilities. It is shared with your vendors and can also be given to friends and family who have important roles to play.

Having a detailed timeline will help you relax because you will always know what will happen next. Friends and family won’t bother you with questions so much because they will know what they are expected to do next.  

The timeline doesn’t need to be followed too strictly. You will get ahead at certain times of the day and fall behind at certain times of the day. Obviously the ceremony being on time is key and also your venue will likely want you to be eating on time as they always want their meals served fresh. Everything else will flow effortlessly with a great running sheet. Don’t stress as I assist everyone of my couples in creating a running sheet and I keep up to date with all changes to make sure the day will run smoothly. A great running sheet is the secret to a well planned out day resulting in less stress for you. Win win! 

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