Top 5 Beach Engagement Photography Locations

Engagement photo shoots are my absolute favourite type of photoshoot. Melbourne has many beautiful locations that couples can choose when it comes to beach locations. As a Melbourne engagement photographer, I love photographing along the beach close to sunset. That is when the sunlight is at its most flattering and thats when you capture those hero shots. Here are some  tips that you might find invaluable for your Melbourne Beach Engagement Photoshoot.

  • Tip 1: The Weather

If sand between your toes, an ocean breeze and crashing waves as your background sounds like the perfect engagement location, I totally agree. However, remember to keep the weather in mind. 

We can’t plan on what nature is going to do on any given day. In a few seconds, that sunshine and gentle ocean breeze could, in fact, end up being overcast (or worse, it rains) with gusts of wind blowing. 

If you have worries about the windy weather, choosing a location with cliffs could be the answer. They create a natural wind block for you with more photo opportunities. 

  • Tip Two:  Shoes

There is also the matter of your shoes to consider. You should keep in mind that it may be easier to take off your shoes to walk along the beach for your photos. If you would rather keep your heels on, there are alternatives.

For example, you could bring along two pairs of shoes, one for the trek and your heels for the photo shoot. 

  • Tip Three: Your Outfit

When working with your photographer to choose a location, make sure you know it is an easy walk to get to the area. You don’t want to risk getting your beautiful gown dirty before the actual portrait session. If there is a risk worth taking to getting to the most perfect location bring along a large jacket/blanket to wear over your outfit. 

  • Tip Four: Top 5 Melbourne Beach Engagement Photography Locations

Now that we’ve got those out of the way, it’s time to choose the actual beach location for your engagement session. As I said earlier, there are many attractive options. I especially love the ones below for their fantastic views and dreamy photos they create. So here are five of the best beaches of Melbourne or close to where you can have the beach portraits of your dreams!

- Finders - Tea Tree Track (My top choice) 

- Barwon Heads - Thirteenth Beach Rd (My Favourite)

- Port Melbourne Beach - Port Melbourne

- Half Moon Bay Beach - Sandringham

- Koonya Ocean Beach - Blairgowrie

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