What Happens If It Rains On My Wedding Day?

If it rains on your wedding day I have you covered with a waterproof action plan. 

Let me promise you something. You will have gorgeous images of your day even if it rains. I can honestly say the weather has never ruined any wedding I have photographed. You can relax and live in the moments of your best day ever no matter what the Weather Man says.

Before the wedding day if there is rain predicted we will create a second running sheet. We will have a solid plan for the locations of photos in both cases. We will also prepare a couple of accessories such as a clear unbranded umbrella and a nice chic jacket to match your dress for warmth.

This way there is nothing left to chance on the day and you do not need to worry about rain. I am confident in all situations and have the experience to continue taking photos of you just married love birds, rain or shine. 

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