OMG is that my photo head lining Ivory Tribe?

Ivory Tribe ‘fell in love with this recent collaborative effort from a team of talented creatives who have brought to life, South Coast.’

The series features the newest in glamorous gowns from Melbourne designer Luci Di Bella. The collection draws inspiration from both daywear and textiles, specifically European street-style, witnessed by the team throughout Milan and Barcelona fashion weeks. Seeing these trends, they translated them into the sleek and stunning silhouettes that South Coast portrays, using unique fabrics to truly set the series apart.

A romantic series that is modern, feminine and very appealing to brides-to-be – there is so much to love here.

Giving ‘gifs’ a go

Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) images began circulating the internet in the 1980s, and they’re everywhere today still. GIFs are seconds-long video clips usually set in repeat mode.

GIFs are great to use to share humour. Photos satisfy our desire for visual content on social media, and videos are great at conveying messages in a simple way. GIF files are a happy medium between the two. I have seen a rise in photographers using gifs on their social media and websites. I thought I would give it a go! I had a beautiful portrait in mind, it was going to be gorgeous, it was going to be the gif of all gifs. But I got this…….

Pearl Wedding Earrings

Jeanette Maree, an award winning jewellery boutique in Armadale, Melbourne stocks an extensive range of Wedding Pearl Earrings. 

Pearls have always been popular for weddings due to their beautifully soft hue and colour that compliments your gown, mimicking the various shades of bridal white or ivory with their luscious outer shell. 

While these classic designs are popular generation after generation, brides today are choosing to embrace a more modern look with quality costume jewellery that incorporates sleek design and freshwater pearls.

Polaroid’s are cool!

It’s rare for any product to be cool twice. But Polaroid film, with its white-framed, blurry tangible pictures, managed to represent the future of photography and then become a popular Christmas gift to our children, nieces and nephews. It’s a retro-chic relic of the past. I try to always have a film camera of some sort on all my shoots and these images were from the creation of the series Drift and Coast. What a team we had that day!!! So much talent!!!! 

Florist - Foxy Everygreen

Dress - By Kinsman 

Jewellery - Jeanette Maree 

Make Up Artist - Babydolls 

Interview with Bridal Make Up Artist - Vanee

Vanee at Babydolls Make up Artistry specializes in Make Up and Hair styling for Bridal , commercial and high fashion. 

What sets you apart from other Make Up Artists? 

I have an intrinsic love affair for Bridal Make Up artistry, you could even say I live and breath weddings. Working in the fashion and beauty industry for an extensive years means that I always have to be at the top of my game ensuring that each application is consistently flawless and precisely on point . I have an immaculate attention to detail and have the ability to see each and every client’s beauty in a unique manner. I take my job very seriously and love my job with a passion, it matters to me that my clients are satisfied and happy and have had a positively luxurious experiences in my make up chair .

What do you love about doing Make Up? 

Perks of being a bridal make up artist is that i get to meet some amazing clients, and even more rewarding is that I am able to help my brides feel and look their most beautiful self on the most important day of their life . To me each client is unique and to be a part of their special day is extraordinary.

What has been the biggest challenge of your career? 

The biggest challenge of my career for me has been juggling between the pressure of my job and the demands of my young family …. with a supportive husband and of course my passion and dedication for the industry i am now able to equally enjoy and embrace both my career and my beloved family.

3 pieces of advice for brides before and on their wedding day. 

* Leading to the wedding focus on the most important elements of your look, such as beautifully healthy natural-looking skin, softly groomed brows and feathery lashes. If you get these basic factors right the rest of your make-up will fall into place beautifully on the day.

*Schedule your trial at least 5 weeks before the wedding it’s an extra cost but a worthy one.

* Your wedding day isn’t the time to experiment with red lipstick or smoky eyes for the first time. Choose tones that you feel comfortable with and make up style that mostly represent YOU. I always tell my brides that my goal is for them to look like themselves, just exquisitely polished, glam and a better version of them self . I would hate for a bride to look at her pictures a few years from now and not recognize themselves. 

What are you favourite products? 

A great primer and setting spray is an absolute must have to ensure longevity and a polished finish of the make up application.

What three makeup items no woman should leave home without?

A kickass lipstick , confidence and an infectious smile 

Image by Jessica Abby Photography 

Cathleen Jia - MOON RIVER

Photographed by Jessica Abby - Moon River is the latest Made to Measure collection by Cathleen Jia. The collection is true to the vintage aesthetic that Cathleen has become renowned for with her local and international brides.

Inspired by the vintage glamour of its muse Audrey Hepburn, the six gowns that make up the collection are boldly unique, timeless and elegant.

All of Cathleen’s gowns are made with love and authenticity in her Melbourne studio. The craftsmanship has never been more evident than in this collection, from hand pleats, delicate beading, and hand cut 3D lace flowers – the attention to detail is second to none.

Gypsy Flame


The romance, those pesky butterflies
How shall we play this scene
Meet under the midnight sun
Like no other love routine

Lust had me in love,
Locked eyes, bare foot and bare soul
Who’s heart is fonder or to blame
Your charm took control

We were only teens
Our love just as wild as Gypsy flame
Bet every battle together
Now Mr and Mrs we acclaim

Featured on Ivory Tribe

It was all about celebrating their love when Jenna and Richard gathered their nearest and dearest for the party of a lifetime.

The Farm was the perfect location for this pair to seal the deal, both inspired by the rustic and modern vibe of the space. They asked their guests to come ready for a garden party and decided to celebrate across lunch-time across luxe long tables with a feast that was to-die-for.

Jenna looked a vision in her One Day Bridal gown as they exchanged vows in a heartfelt yet light hearted ceremony that set them up for a sensational affair ahead.

FEATURED - Effortless Elegance

What a dream to be strolling the streets of Paris with camera in hand! I was invited by the very talented designer Alin Le Kal  who had the exceptional experience of showing a new range of dresses at the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week. I also took the opportunity to photograph one of my favourite Bridal designers’ gown (One Day Bridal) at a Parisian apartment. My new series ‘Effortless Elegance’ is now featured on The White Files blog. Please follow the link below to see the full series of images. 


Interview with Melbourne Florist Foxy Everygreen


  • Tell us about your Business Foxy Evergreen (florist) began in 2015, We specialise in intimate & Large scale weddings and events, but we love creating florals for anything really.WE really enjoy pushing the boundaries of floral design, doing photoshoots and competition work to keep things fresh and interesting.
  • Favourite part about being a florist I love exceeding expectations, I enjoy making people happy with flowers, but not only that, It doesn’t feel like work for me either so thats a plus isn’t it! Love what you do… Also our team get to be really creative so thats pretty great.
  • Favourite flower and favourite flower combination My favourite flower is by far the Cymbidium orchid. Any colour really but mostly the deep shades. I just cant stop staring that them! How can nature make something so perfect and detailed. My favourite flower combo is anything with texture. Berries, ferns, soft and sharp. Anything contrasting works well for me.
  • Biggest lesson you have learnt Don’t sell yourself short. If you are worth that much, sell your services for that much. Our industry is quite competitive, theres some amazing florists out there, but we work so hard to perfect our skills and train as apprentices, why should we reduce our pricing?
  • Best tip for couples? Your wedding should be personal, a reflection on you and your partner. Your flowers are another way of expressing who you are as a couple. Don’t feel like you have to follow what everyone else is doing on Instagram, make your day stand out, make your own trends.

Tips from a Wedding Photographer for Flawless Wedding Makeup Look

Once you’ve sorted out that fabulous dress, it’s time to turn your attention to everything wedding
beauty related! I’m sharing with you my favourite Melbourne Make up Artists that I use for all my photo shoots! 

With immense pressure on the bride to look her best, it’s important to be aware of
how you can create a flawless look with a few simple steps. As a wedding
photographer, I’ve seen many bridal makeup fails that not only add stress
to your morning but to your whole day.

Makeup trials are an absolute must DO before your big day. In
case you’re opting for a fake tan, a test run before the trial is an absolute
must. After all, your makeup artist needs to be aware of what skin tone she’ll
be working with. A huge part of your makeup relies on emphasizing those eyes. Any eye bags and
dark circles must be brightened up with concealers and correctors. Before
you begin doing makeup test trials, remember to wear a plain white button up t-shirt so you know how your makeup appears against pale hues.

At Jessica Abby our favourite make up artists are Vanee from Babydolls / Carla Dyson / Casey Malady / Sophie Knox



Launched at London Bridal Fashion Week, Poetic Love, the latest collection from Cathleen Jia, is filled with graceful feminine details and figure-flattering cuts.

Photographed by Jessica Abby, the bridal separates collection draws upon the Melbourne designer’s maturing experience and incorporates all the elements for which her label has become known and loved by brides all over the world. Congratulations to Cathleen on such a beautiful collection. View the series here on Nouba 

Set My Heart Alight FEATURED

This stunning sunrise editorial is incredibly romantic and sultry. It’s set amongst a stunning natural landscape where the unique lace on the Georgia Young Couture dress strikes a stunning juxtaposition. With the striking tones of the sunrise over the ocean, it’s only fitting that this editorial is named ‘Set My Heart Alight’. 

Thank you the the most dedicated team!!!

Make Up Artist // @carladysonmakeup
Model // @harmonyeaton
Dress // @georgiayoungcouture
Jewellery // @jeanettemaree
Flowers // @foxy_evergreen

Cambodia II

In the last six months the universe has had my
back, it’s definitely been a difficult six months in my personal life. Business
provided a great distraction and delving into my creativity helped me along the
journey of personal growth. After coming out on top I began searching to give
back to the universe. This is where my inspiration derived from to volunteer at
an orphanage in Cambodia. Slightly obsessed with the country, I wanted to offer
my skill set to give the children something they’re unable to obtain
themselves. I travelled over to Cambodia, Siem Reap to an Orphanage and photographed
all the children and presented them with their own professional portraits. It
was heartwarming seeing the kids receive the images and racing to their
bedrooms to place the images near their beds.  I spend days with the kids participating in
games of soccer, hide and seek and chasey, which was just as special. Thank you
to The Childrens Sanctuary for opening your doors to me and allowing me to
visit, I’m very grateful. Take a look at the images of the children working on their art projects I set for them. I have chosen to keep the individual portraits private as I wanted to give them a personal gift from myself to them, something special. 


Waiting for my 35mm film to be developed from
my Cambodia trip was time consuming. It’s a massive reminder that in this age
of instant gratification, waiting for results for longer than a nano-second can
seem unreasonable. I find working with film requires discipline and the fulfillment
I receive from seeing my images for the first time is nothing that digital
photography can provide. I started my photography journey shooting weddings in 35mm film at the age of 14. Thinking back, that was a tough gig but I knew no different. Now I try to shoot some of my personal projects in 35mm film. It teaches me to slow down, think about the composition and lighting as you are more determined to get the shot right the first time in film. With film there is an element of amazement and wonder. The mistakes in your 35mm photographs very often are presented in a positive sense, they surprise you. Note to oneself – Shoot more often in 35mm.  

Perfecting Perfection II

With the great success and feed back from my first Perfecting Perfection workshop I held my second workshop in Brunswick. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all involved in PERFECTING PERFECTION the latest love of my life. I have designed this photography workshop to assist wedding photographers in building their brand, showcasing their expertise and help everyone that attends to create a strong folio. I aim to push their minds creatively to photograph outside their comfort zone. Please take time to view the images that were captured on the day from one of my lovely and talented participants - @willowwolfphotography 

Styling & Direction // Jessica Abby Photography HMUA // Baby Dolls Makeup Model // Alex Hecker Jewellery // Jeanette Maree Flowers // Ruby & James Dress // @craigbraybrookcouture Dress //@bernadettepimentacouture Dress //  @lucidibelladesign

Published on BRIDES

I had the absolute privilege of being featured on the BRIDES Instagram account. Not only was it an image that warms my heart, it was an image from a personal project. The image is a stand out from one of my same sex wedding editorial projects! Throw that love around like confetti! is an unbelievable combination of the latest wedding dress trends to every celebrity wedding and engagement, all the etiquette questions you could ever ask, and countless décor inspiration and wedding ideas, follow and visit BRIDES

Anna Campbell - featured in Perfecting Perfection

After an absolute raving success on my first Perfecting Perfection Photography workshop, I am beyond feeling humble that I keep seeing images from the workshop featured on Australia’s leading wedding suppliers social media accounts! 

The live shoot from the Perfecting Perfection Photography workshop features some of the very best in service and products available in Melbourne – stunning gowns, fresh florals and flawless hair and makeup. 

Thank you to Anna Campbell for suppling the flawless Sydney dress that was an total treat for the participants to photograph at the workshop. 

Perfecting Perfection Photography Workshop

Thank you to the awesome people who were involved on the day!!! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all invovled  in the latest project of mine - PERFECTING PERFECTION the latest love in my life. A photography workshop designed to assist wedding photographers build their brand, showcase their expertise and work towards creating a strong folio. Take a look at the stunning photos that two of the photographers captured on the day!!! 

Ruby and James Jeanette Maree Jewellery Craig Braybrook Anna Campbell Luci DiBella Design House Eve Bell Babydolls Make Up Artistry 

Images below by @willowandwolfphotography and @lxcreationsphotography

Valley Vibes - FEATURED on The Ivory Tribe

Encapsulating the beautiful surrounds of the Yarra Valley and all that makes the region so special this styled shoot brought together by a Tribe of industry talent ties together gorgeous natural tones and organic textures to bring about beautiful wedding inspiration. Thank you to such a wonderful team of creatives to come together to produce such a strong series of images! Follow the link to view the full series of images at THE IVORY TRIBE


PHOTOGRAPHY Jessica Abby Photography / MAKE UP Melissa Maier Makeup / HAIR STYLIST Kirby Richards / LOCATION Vines Helen’s Hill  / FLORIST/STYLIST Ruby + James / CAKE Cherry Cakes / STATIONERY Belle Loves Paper / JEWELLERY Jeanette Maree / DIRECTION The White Files / VIDEO One Heart Studios / SUITS Briggins / DRESS Mariana Hardwick / DINNERWARE Dann Event Hire / LINEN Event Art / CUTLERY The Hire Co 

Two femmes unite #loveislove - FEATURED on One Fine Day

Busy warming my own heart by creating beautiful imagery of two women in love…… Share the love…..

French Impressionism inspired palette, romantic water colours: petals in pastel rose, peach, and light purple orchard. Two femmes unite in classic old world homestead. Lace and silk contrasts with charming rustic ruin. Lavender blooms, painted ceramics, and framed landscapes adorn weathered abode. Gold flecks feather in the light, je t’aime mon amour…

Content written by Tammy Brooks


Florists – @ruby_and_james  Ruby & James /Jewellery – @jeanettemaree Jeanette Maree / Make up and Hair – @carladysonmakeup / Location –@montdusoleil / Dress @craigbraybrookcouture /  @lucidibelladesign Luci Di Bella

One Fine Day Wedding Fair - recap

Thank you to all the brides, bridesmaids, mothers and
fiancés for venturing out last weekend to the One Fine Day Wedding Fair. It was
lovely to meet you all and if it wasn’t me you met it was either of my two
assistants – Colleen and Alexis.

I honestly get excited about each and every wedding of mine.
I love meeting you both at the beginning of your journey as you are learning
the ropes as a wedding planner at the same time as juggling your full time job.

I get to see the process of you planning out the most
memorable day of your lives! I then along side you both am there every step of
the way on your wedding day. I get to share your joy, laugh with you, shed
tears as you exchange vows and best of all I get to capture every angle of that
one day you have been planning for months or even years!

Thank you to the styling queens for my flowers - Jess and Beck from

Take a look at the One Fine Day website -

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